JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – A Wise County Administrator told News Channel 11 on Monday that the family of the deputy injured in an officer-involved shooting and stabbing over the weekend is getting a helping hand while he recovers.

A Ballad Health spokesperson said that Deputy Robert Robinson of the Wise County Sheriff’s Office is still in stable condition as of Monday.

Wise County Administrator Michael Hatfield said that the deputy is recovering from wounds related to a Saturday stabbing. He remains at the Johnson City Medical Center.

He said Robinson’s family does not have to worry about making the more-than-an-hour trip to and from Wise County each day to visit him at the hospital in Johnson City.

“We have offered to house the family, the officer who’s been wounded in the Johnson City area so that they will have no out-of-pocket expenses,” Hatfield said.

He added that everybody in Wise County is praying for them and hoping for a speedy recovery.

“We also know that there will be psychological issues and we pray that those will be taken care of also,” Hatfield said.

Hatfield added that law enforcement faces dangerous situations daily, but that it is part of the job.

“We often think of the mundane part of being a sheriff that they’re just driving around or, you know, looking for things to happen to date,” Hatfield said. “They never know from minute to minute when they’re going to step out of the mundane into something that is really dangerous, and that is what has happened with this deputy.”

In May, Wise County law enforcement saw another incident that injured Norton City Police Chief James Lane.

“It’s not a scary time yet. These things happen. They happen all over the country,” Hatfield said. “It just so happens we had two and in a short time period, and I don’t think that it is any indication that Wise County is any less safe than it was before this time. We like to think of ourselves as one of the safest places to live in the country.”

Hatfield said the community is praying for Deputy Robinson.

“You know, there have been a lot of prayers that have gone up for, not only the sheriff’s deputy but for the family of the victim – or the suspect not the victim,” he said. “So it, you know, kind of brings the community together, that we are behind everything that sheriff’s department is doing and support them totally.”

According to the Virginia State Police, the lead agency investigating the incident, Robinson was stabbed multiple times while searching for two missing juveniles in the Dunbar community of Appalachia, Virginia on Saturday around 3 p.m.

State police say the sheriff’s office was contacted early Saturday about a missing 13-year-old who had left her home overnight. During the search and investigation, the sheriff’s office received a report of a missing white Chevrolet Equinox from the home of a 16-year-old boy who was a close acquaintance of the missing 13-year-old.

Around 2:19 p.m., a resident notified the sheriff’s office of a white Equinox sitting on the side of the road near Roaring fork that looked as if someone had tried to conceal it with tree branches and limbs.

Robinson responded to the call but the vehicle had already left by the time he got there. He ended up locating the vehicle off Dunbar Road and Pine Branch Road with the 13-year-old and 16-year-old inside.

According to state police, the 16-year-old boy exited the vehicle at Robinson’s request but an altercation ensued between the boy and deputy. The 16-year-old then, according to VSP, stabbed the deputy, leading the deputy to shoot the boy. The boy died at the scene.

The other passenger in the vehicle, a 13-year-old girl, was not injured.

Police have not released the juveniles’ names.

VSP says a knife with a hawkbill blade was recovered at the scene.

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