GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – Nickle Ridge Winery on West Depot Street has been open for two years, but staff say with the recent reopening of the historic street, they feel they’re about to hit their stride.

“We opened the winery, and a week later they closed Depot Street down and started the construction, which was about two years ago,” said Randy Pierce, an employee at Nickle Ridge Winery.

Pierce said the facility is currently focusing on perfecting five different wines.

“We offer five different wines right now,” he said. “And we have about five wines that we will be producing over the next 6 months. When people come into the winery for a tasting or a glass of wine they’re always intrigued as to how we do it, where we do it, where the vineyard is, and things like that.”

Staff at Nickle Ridge Winery make all their wine on-site, which will soon be made easier thanks to the grapes that have been growing at the business’ own vineyard for two years now; and Pierce said they’re eager to harvest.

“It will take probably three or four years for the grapes to begin to produce, and once that happens, all of the wine process [will be] done here at the winery on Depot Street,” said Pierce.

Christina Potts, Media and Marketing Specialist for the Town of Greeneville, said she’s happy to have them on Depot Street.

“Well, what we love about the winery is that it’s made with Tennessee products,” said Potts.

Soon, Greeneville will also be home to a new brewery on Depot Street, as well.