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GRAY, Tenn. (WJHL) — Nearly 200 townhomes are at various stages of preparation or construction on Sid Martin Road near the heart of Gray.

Integrity Building Group owner Darin Karst said his company is working with national homebuilder D.R. Horton on the project, which covers two adjacent properties barely a stone’s throw from Bobby Hicks Highway.

Townhomes in phase one of the “Gardner Place” project in Gray, Tenn. are at various stages of completion. (WJHL photo)

The first phase of 66 townhomes is underway, and roofers, framers and other workers were busy in the bright November sunshine Thursday.

Building permits for the first batch were pulled with Washington County between July 26 and Nov. 4. They show units of either 1,381 square feet or 1,554 square feet. Valuations, which often reflect a lower dollar figure than eventual sale prices or tax appraisals, range between $120,198 and $132,668.

The first phase offers an example of the model several local land developers are using as they partner with the nation’s largest homebuilder in D.R. Horton. Those local developers typically find property that could work for a large subdivision project and come to agreements with Horton.

The developer purchases the property and completes the heavy infrastructure — grading, water/sewer, roads, other underground requirements — before selling it to D.R. Horton. D.R. Horton then subdivides the larger property into lots and builds from the ground up.

Infrastructure work in progress on phase two of the Gardner Place project, which will finish with a total of 186 townhomes. (WJHL photo)

In the case of Gardner Place, Integrity purchased 9.5 acres for $297,675 in July 2021. A year later, its work done, it sold the land to D.R. Horton for $1,072,000.

Integrity purchased the phase two land, a total of 15.8 acres, for $268,600 on July 20, 2022. Infrastructure work is well underway on that phase.

It’s not known whether the townhomes will be rentals or for purchase. D.R. Horton has a townhome development closer to Boone Lake, Cedar Rock Village Villas, where townhomes are for sale.

The D.R. Horton website lists those 1,418-square-foot, 3-bedroom 2.5-bath units at around $250,000. Those homes are in the Johnson City city limits, while the Sid Martin Road project is in Washington County.

WHAT: A new, 186-unit townhome subdivision on 24 acres (two separate phases).

WHERE: Sid Martin Road, Gray (across from Citicorp and just off Highway 75).

WHO: Integrity Building Group (infrastructure) and D.R. Horton (construction).

WHEN: Building permits for the first phase (66 units) were obtained between July and November 2022. Infrastructure work is underway on Phase Two.

YOUR TAX BENEFIT: At an average tax-assessed value of $175,000, 186 townhomes ($32.5 million value) would generate about $175,000 annually in county property tax revenue.