What to do to eliminate the wildlife animals in your home as the Spring critter count rises


Spring time means it’s that time of the year again. More wild animals are roaming in and around homes. Pat Galliher, owner of the Wildlife Company, says it’s only natural this happens during the season where temperatures rise.

“A lot of these animals that people are finding inside of their house are coming in because it’s a great place to have babies,” Galiher said.

Pat Galliher has worked on removing wildlife animals for 30 years, dealing with groundhogs, opossums, flying squirrels, snakes, skunks and bats. He says there are many misconceptions on how to remove these animals from your property.

“Hanging up a box outside of your house will not get the animal out of your house, plastic owls don’t work, mothballs don’t work,” he said. “The best thing you can do to get the animals out of your house is to seal up all of the entrances and remove the animal from the inside.”

Galliher says people build these problems into their houses when the contractor puts them up. Architectural faults in homes are the the number one reason why people have animals inside, which could potentially lead to dangerous situations, like the spread of rabies if a bad encounter occurs.

The Wildlife Company says the best way to prevent animals from living under your porch is to seal the perimeter to avoid any groundhogs or opossums from living there.

Galliher uses traps to capture the animals before releasing them back into the wild. He believes there are new wild animals entering the region.

“Last year I got to see a mexican freetail bat which isn’t supposed to be here, but they are starting to move northward because of certain ships between bats,” Galliher said.

The Wildlife Company says during the spring the most common things to see are squirrels entering the attic and groundhogs under the porch. During the summer, that will change and bats entering the attic become more routine.

You can read more about the Wildlife Company here.

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