BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) — In a press walk-through only hours before the official opening of the Hard Rock Casino & Resort in Bristol, Virginia, the results of months of work were revealed.

As an all-around entertainment experience, the complex occupying the former Bristol Mall offers something for everyone.

Upon entering the front façade, guests are greeted with a miniature mock-up of the casino and resort’s future. Sporting a giant Hard Rock guitar and multiple newly constructed buildings, the plan for the city remains larger than life even after its early opening.

Deeper in the facility you’ll find Brick’d, the hand-stretched, quick-fired pizza joint that appears at several other Hard Rock locations. Further on you’ll see Mr. Lucky’s, a full-service restaurant that features hearty entrees and local favorites like soup beans and cornbread.

Across from the Sportsbook area, which we’ll get to later, there’s the Bristol Bar, a full-service lounge with a wide selection of spirits to sip and massive TV screens to watch.

On to the Sportsbook area, where a constant scroll of updated scores and ongoing competitions offers players the chance to win big on their favorites.

Inside the casino floor itself, a wider array of gaming options can be found. From all-digital machines with nothing but a touchscreen to classic table games adorned with their own Hard Rock twists, the main floor offers state-of-the-game tech for anyone’s favorite way to play.

On the left-hand side, the High Limit area offers increased stakes and increased rewards for the cool-headed and high-rollers alike. With a dedicated cashier and staff, the area oozes exclusivity.

The main floor, which makes up the vast majority of the gaming space, is a smoking area. But for those that prefer to play without smoking, Hard Rock maintains an entirely separate non-smoking area with all the same machines, separate cash areas and a dedicated entrance to avoid walking through the smokier floor.

Smoke-free gaming area in the Bristol Casino (PHOTO: WJHL)

Some of the biggest standout features of Hard Rock are its modern twists. For slot veterans, the addition of automatic jackpot transfers can save a lot of time rather than waiting for attendants to come by with the classic pile of cash.

Even with all of the offerings found on-site, Hard Rock officials were eager to remind the press that this is only temporary — the real casino will be even larger, glitzier and more advanced than the brand-new complex seen in 2022.