SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Seniors preparing to graduate from West Ridge High School returned to their roots in a celebration at their old elementary school.

Twenty former Rock Springs Elementary students walked their old halls on Wednesday to the applause of current students. Elementary students lined the halls, greeting and high-fiving the soon-to-be graduates.

The seniors were featured in a slideshow of photos and videos in the Rock Springs Elementary lobby.

Graduating senior Ashton Waller said it was a joy to return to Rock Springs and see the reception from the younger students.

“It’s great seeing everybody that you used to know and I mean the size difference,” Waller said. “I mean, you see the school when you are that young and it completely changes when you when you become a senior and come back.” 

Waller told News Channel 11 that he helped design the latest Rock Springs Raven logo for the school.

West Ridge High School’s graduation is set for Friday, May 26.