ROGERSVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) — As most animal shelters and humane societies are at full capacity across the region — including the one in Hawkins County — getting any dog adopted out is a big deal.

But there are some that people are flocking from all over to see.

The Wells family, who made national headlines as the search for their missing 6-year-old daughter Summer continues, had several dogs on their Ben Hill road property.

Some were surrendered back in February, and others just a month ago.

“The YouTubers were calling and harassing us for days, and I then spoke to Candus’ mom and she had called me about surrendering the dogs,” said Jackie Catterson with the Hawkins County Humane Society. “So, I spoke to Candus on the phone because we needed permission from her because they’re her animals, and she gave permission for us to get the rest of the animals.”

There is one, though, considered very special. Her name is Lucky or known as Yucky. Before her surrender to the humane society, “Yucky” is said to have been Summer’s favorite furry friend.

“They all wanted Lucky because that was little Summer’s dog, and they only wanted Lucky because she was lucky,” Catterson said. “She was the dog. But a woman came in who knew absolutely nothing about the Summer Wells case and she saw her.

“…We named [her] Yucky because that’s what summer called her. She met Yuck,y and she just thought she was a great little dog. So, she took her and fostered her until we had her spayed. “

A photo of Yucky

Catterson said the humane society has been fielding phone calls and requests over the dogs.

“They all want one of the dogs from 110 Ben Hill,” she said. “I don’t want to say they don’t care about them, but I think that they wanted them more because of where they came from — not because they fell in love like the lady fell in love with Yucky.”

The controversy came after a dead dog was found near the Wells property.

One of the dogs named Niles

“The dead dog did not belong to them,” Catterson explained. “It was probably just a dog that got hit on the road because it was running at large, but it wasn’t one of their dogs. “

There is only one Wells dog left looking for a forever home. His name is Niles, and he will be neutered Tuesday then will be ready to find his new best friend.