MARION, Va. (WJHL) — A new website network aims to be an avenue of communication for foster families in need and their community.

CarePortal is a website where social services workers can put information about an individual or family in need and local organizations can respond to that need, providing small things that community members may already have but aren’t using.

“Not everybody can foster or adopt, but everybody can do something,” said Brandy Page, executive director of Southwest Virginia Crossroads Coalition.

Other foster care providers have gotten on board with the website and have seen what good it can bring.

“We’ve seen how it helps,” said Chief Development Officer for Intercept Health Kyle McMahon. “We’ve seen the churches and the community and individuals really come together to support the children in foster care with a goal of either finding some permanency for them or getting them home.”

The director of Smyth County’s Department of Social Services, Chris Austin, says CarePortal is much needed.

“There’s generally not adequate funding available to be able to step in and go write a check and pick those things up,” said Austin.

Austin says CarePortal will take a lot of stress off of the department as well.

“It will be good to see the system work and to have the needs met and all our workers had to do was put the information in the system and spread the word and the outpouring comes in, so we’re excited about that,” said Austin.

Upon the website’s launch, two individuals with needs for a baseball bat and payments on their care were helped.

Other partners with CarePortal plan to visit the Bristol Chamber of Commerce to start the conversation as the program potentially makes its way to Northeast Tennessee.