WEBER CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) — After months of setbacks, the Weber City Volunteer Fire Department had the opportunity Saturday to unveil its new facility.

This follows after several shutdowns due to snow and ice; the original building is located atop a steep hill on Roland Street, which makes the station inoperable amid certain inclement weather.

News Channel 11 spoke with Hunter Hensley with the Weber City Volunteer Fire Department, who said that they hope to begin renovations soon.

“We’ve probably spent seven to 10 days out of service over the last four years due to inclement weather and having too much ice and snow on the hill to bring those heavy trucks down,” Hensley said. “This obviously eliminates that problem.”

The new location — at the end of a strip mall at the intersection of U.S. 23 and Yuma Road — is now awaiting renovations.

With the new location, the department will have more opportunities for community involvement and outreach.

To celebrate the new facility, the department hosted a car show to encourage community members to stop by to check out the new building. Saturday’s event also included local food trucks and special deals at Bugsys, a restaurant located within the strip.

The department’s chief revealed at the event that Weber City Volunteer Fire Department and Gate City Volunteer Fire Department have another plan in the making — the two departments hope to team up to form a water rescue crew for the area.

To make that possible, the departments are accepting donations. To donate, contact the department at 276-386-3116.