‘We can offer the same services for your entire family’: Kingsport funeral home offers pet services also


KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – A Kingsport funeral home offers full memorial services to all members of the family – including pets.

A facility called Petcare Cremations opened about two years ago under the Trinity Memorial Funeral Home umbrella in Kingsport, Tennessee. The group of crematories offers funeral services for the entire family – both human and pets.

Trinity Memorial Funeral Home General Manager Kandi Douthat told News Channel 11’s Bianca Marais that pets are part of the family and they too deserve to be laid to rest in a loving manner, just like humans.

“Trinity Memorial is the funeral home here, which is kind of the umbrella over Crematory Care Center for our human families. And then we also have the Petcare Cremations for all of our families, so that way we can offer the same services for your entire family,” Douthat said. “The idea for the crematories come about, about two years ago. It’s been a pretty long two years to process. The owners had one of their family members pass, and they had to travel several miles away, about an hour away in order to be able to get service for them. And there wasn’t a very large selection of items for urns and keepsake items, and from that, the idea originated. And he just wanted to be able to offer the families that come here just a better selection and to be able to offer them some sort of comfort and to, we’re just trying to get the public engaged to educate people, some people don’t realize everything that is actually offered and everything that you can do to memorialize your pet.”

Pet cremations is nothing new, but pet funerals is something unique Petcare Cremations offers.

“We’re open to any and all kinds of ideas and we will try to accommodate everything that we can. Petcare Cremations is the first crematory in the region and in Kingsport. So, if that’s what you choose to do, we do also have an event center downtown to where we could have a service for you. If you wanted to have like a small. You know if you just wanted to have a gathering. We can have a small gathering here. We’re just open to all kinds of different ideas, and we’re just here to serve the families in whatever way that we can in order to give them some sort of comfort and we’re here to help guide you through the process,” Douthat explained.

Tia Pennington, General Manager of Petcare Cremations told News Channel 11’s Bianca Marais that personalized items are also available for your pet’s funeral.

“We offer many different urns, many different types of jewelry, we do personalization of granite markers, and when we can engrave just about anything that we have here and we can do it on the metal and on the wood urns as well,” she said. “A big thing that we do is we do offer a clay pawprints for your pet, and you can use it as a display and put it on a little easel or we actually do put a hole in a ribbon through it so you can also use it as an ornament and but we do ink pawprints and things like that as well.”

The pet funerals offered at Petcare Cremations are similar to human services.

“So, all the jewelry that we have here I think just about every piece that we have, you can actually put the ashes inside of the drawers so it’s cremation jewelry and just the same as you would get if you were buying it for human, we can do that for pets as well,” Pennington added.

The five staff members work to create memorials for pets year round.

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