HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Although the Hawkins County Humane Society is at full capacity, people continue to drop off animals, even in unlocked cars and in the facility’s parking lot overnight.

Reportedly, two dogs have been left in crates at the shelter door, one kitten was placed in a board member’s unlocked car and two separate instances occurred where animals were left in the parking lot when the shelter was closed.

Jackie Catterson, a veterinarian technician at the humane society, told News Channel 11 they “don’t have room anymore.”

“Someone came and took the kitten in a box and put it into one of our board member’s cars,” Catterson said. “He had his car unlocked. But, I mean, they don’t know if anybody was even in that car you know, and we’re closed to the public. So they just left the cat, the kitten in the car within the heat and not knowing if anyone was even going to find it.”

In another incident, Catterson said a group of four kittens had been tossed into a Hawkins County dumpster. By the time they were found, two were already dead.

Catterson said the facility is “always maxed out,” to the point that some animals are kept in crates in the lobby and even in the administrative offices. Several kittens are assigned to a single cage as the humane society takes on more rescues.

The Hawkins County Humane Society has recently applied for stimulus money from the county and is waiting to hear back if a new building is in the future. Employees said the current facility does not have the space to serve the county’s animal population.

For information on how to donate to the humane society, visit the organization’s website.