JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. (WJHL) — The Washington County Commission unanimously approved a $1.3 million contribution to water infrastructure projects led by the Town of Jonesborough, including a new pump station to serve northern parts of the county.

Officials in Washington County say they’re beefing up water infrastructure to prevent an emergency like the one the community saw in December.

Jonesborough Mayor Chuck Vest told News Channel 11 in December that blackouts at pump stations contributed to the conditions that left Washington County Residents without water for a week.

Jonesborough County Commissioner Jerome Fitzgerald says the county is running almost ten projects currently to help beef up water lines in the city’s utility district, including the project approved tonight to build a new pump station off of State Route 81, near Harmony Road.

“(It) would help pump the water, keep the water pumping to the lower part of the county,” Fitzgerald told News Channel 11. “Persimmon Ridge wouldn’t stay full because all of the water was flowing out of Persimmon Ridge to the lower part of the county.”

Fitzgerald said efforts by the county to keep water moving through the utility system are worth it.

“It’s money that we had to spend, we decided to spend it on water to help the county residents,” said Fitzgerald.

The commission also approved water line expansions on Harmony Road and near Jackson Bridge Road.