WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – A meat processing facility is coming to Washington County, Tennessee but where it will go is still uncertain.

An area next to the Jonesborough Flea Market is a possibility, and so is another plot of land along Highway 11 E. and the Eagle’s Nest residential community.

Town leaders will meet this upcoming week to decide whether or not to approve the rezoning request for the plot along 11 E. It was originally on the agenda for July 19 but was pushed back.

Neighbors by the proposed site are standing in opposition to the proposed location. They say the Eagle’s Nest residential community is a quiet place normally, and that’s how they want to keep it.

“I was shocked,” neighbor Richie Hayward said. “I couldn’t believe they would do that in this neighborhood here.”

The group said one next door would devalue their property, smell badly and increase traffic in the area.

“I haven’t met a neighbor yet who’s looking forward to having this in their backyard,” Dawn Johnson said.

Neighbor Donna Rios said she’s no stranger to what happens around meat plants. She’s from Nebraska, home of quite a few.

“They may try to contain the smell but it drifts around,” Rios said. “There’s a lot of traffic involved with the meat packing. It’s just not a pleasant neighbor to have.”

Neighbors have been making signs, writing to commissioners and planning to gather at the upcoming county meetings to fight to keep their safe haven.

“I’m a Vietnam veteran,” Hayward said. “I served 30 years in law enforcement, and we retired to this area 16 years ago, and this is our dream home. Our forever home, and that’s the way it is for the majority of the people in this neighborhood. We love it here, and we don’t want it ruined.”

The Jonesborough Regional Planning Commission will consider the request on Tuesday, Aug. 16.