WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – The Washington County, Tennessee Animal Shelter has been filled with kittens and is in dire need of people willing to foster them.

A post from the animal shelter on Tuesday states that more than 180 kittens have been taken in over the span of just a couple of weeks. Shelter staff said the kitten nursery was full, and new kittens continued to arrive.

According to the shelter, anyone with a spare bedroom or bathroom is capable of fostering a kitten. To fill out the foster application, click here.

Additionally, the shelter is in need of kitten supplies to keep up with the influx. You can find a complete wishlist for items online.

Shelter Director Tammy Davis joined News Channel 11 during the First at 4 on Friday to discuss foster and adoption options, as well as other ways to help the shelter.