BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) – The Bristol Virginia Police Department (BVPD) worked with Virginia High School to educate young drivers about the perils of drinking and driving ahead of prom.

On Wednesday, the BVPD held a demonstration for students, allowing them to don special goggles simulating the effects of alcohol. The students attempted tasks and were allowed to drive around the parking lot in golf carts while trying to navigate cones.

“Next week’s our prom, and so we just kind of want to raise awareness for students around the drug use and drinking and driving things that they could be exposed to on prom night,” said Adriana Cox of Bristol Virginia Public Schools.

Students experienced the challenge of responsibly operating a vehicle thanks to the goggles provided by the BVPD.

“I think it’s a good hands-on thing where they can really get a feeling of what’s going on,” said Captain Maynard Ratcliff of the BVPD.

Students told News Channel 11 that the demonstration’s message landed.

“I’m not driving,” senior Malacia Harris said. “I will not drink.”

“It showed [me] how dangerous it would be,” said senior Fiona Duffy.