MARION, Va. (WJHL) — Community members gathered in Marion on Monday to mourn the loss of Mr. Pickles, the town’s unofficial feline mayor.

A vigil took place Monday night at the Downtown Pioneer to remember the beloved cat.

“Basically he was a people cat,” said Bob Barlow, Mr. Pickles’ caretaker.

Mr. Pickles was a staple in the community, and those who knew him say he loved everyone. His caretakers say that’s what made him special.

“And those characteristics, be it in a kitty or be in a human, eventually other people start noticing,” Rebecca Barlow said.

Marion resident Diane Jones said Mr. Pickles won’t soon be forgotten.

“I think we’ll all remember him for a long time, and hopefully we’ll remember to treat something else that way,” Jones said.

Town leaders said Mr. Pickles inspired others by raising awareness of how people should take care of animals in the community.

Mr. Pickles was buried in an undisclosed location while surrounded by those who cared for him.