KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – Many families gathered at the Kingsport Veterans Memorial Park on Monday to honor and remember those who died serving their country.

Veterans from different wars were in attendance to pay tribute to their fallen comrades. One participant was Korean War Veteran, Arlen Hensley.

“I had, three of my lieutenants were killed and one severely wounded,” said Hensley. “And plus, others that got killed too, because of war. I was a radioman. So, I was with the lieutenants all the time.”

Hensley said it’s a pleasure to be there and to see service members honored.

“It feels great to just know that people still recognize the soldiers and stuff,” said Hensley. “All my family was in the military.”

He said he makes sure to spend time with fellow Korean War veterans.

Hensley, along with other Korean War Veterans pose with TN representative Diana Harshbarger

“We meet once a month now, the third Thursday of every month for breakfast out at Perkins in Kingsport,” said Hensley. “So, to celebrate still being alive, because we got one that’s 93 and one that’s 92. I’m 88. I’ll be 89 the first of November.”

Afghanistan veteran Travis Featherstone spoke at the service.

He believes it’s important to honor the fallen every single day, not just on Memorial Day.

“I actually have a steel bracelet and it has the names of some of my classmates that have passed and given their lives in combat,” said Featherstone. “I think that’s a great way just to remind yourself every day. I wear them on my wrist.”

He said there are many different ways Americans can honor fallen soldiers.

“Whether it’s taking a time out in the morning when we see American flags, taking time when we drive by memorials to remember that, again for some folks, Memorial Day is every day,” said Featherstone.

He wants people to remember those who are still mourning the loss of their loved ones.

“For so many families, for so many people that served with brothers and sisters, in arms, sometimes they feel these emotions every day,” said Featherstone. “And understanding the loss is something very tough to get through and tough to be thinking of.”

“Remember all those that were left behind as well, and be caring for our community in that way that a lot of folks may still be hurting from the loss of sons and daughters, mothers and fathers,” added Hensley.

During the ceremony, people could say the names of a loved one who died in the line of duty. They then placed a flag on a cross of remembrance. A special presentation then happened to honor the prisoners of war/missing in action as well.

The names of over 2,000 soldiers who died in service are written on the monuments at the Kingsport Veterans Memorial Park.

The Kingsport Gold Star Families Memorial Monument: For relatives of those who died serving their country