BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) — A new restaurant in Bristol, Virginia hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday. Union 41 is an open-kitchen dining experience that is owned and operated by Torrece Gregoire, famously known as Chef T.

She was the runner-up contestant on Hell’s Kitchen Season 14, and one of the veteran competitors on Season 18. Chef T also appeared on Food Network’s Big Restaurant Bet.

According to Union 41, the establishment aims to connect family and farm to the restaurant dinner table at its historic 171 Piedmont Avenue location– Bristol’s old Greyhound bus station.

Grilled oysters, jerk chicken and wood-fired beef are just some menu items guests can enjoy at Union 41.

“The thing that makes us different, unique, we have a full open kitchen,” Chef T told News Channel 11. “We want people to understand the dichotomy of what it takes to put together a restaurant, but also to watch us cook.”

Chef T said Union 41 will continue to see developments in the future. Along with an outdoor patio that would be dog-friendly, celebrity chef events are in the works at the restaurant, according to Chef T.

“I’m just happy to be a part of the restaurant scene, you know, contributing to the food and the craft and the culture of this area,” Chef T told News Channel 11. “The goal of the restaurant is to really connect the food of the African diaspora to Appalachia and tell the story of that.”

Union 41 has dedicated parking spots, which Chef T said is a plus to the restaurant’s downtown Bristol location.

“We’re pretty clutch because we also have our own parking,” she said. “So, we have about nine dedicated parking spaces in the back. Plus, we have street parking. But this little side street, I mean, it’s like our own little community. We’re booming, we’re thriving but when all the main street businesses are busy, like, you’re able to come here.”

Union 41 is open to the public now. Reservations at Union 41 can be made here.