The Greeneville Police Department is losing some of its finest as two K-9 officers are set to retire after years of service. 

Rex and Grim are German Shepherds joined the department back in 2012 when they were imported from the Czech Republic. 

They were trained to perform the tasks of tracking, apprehension and drug detection. 

Rex was partnered with Captain Steve Spano who says he was a loving dog who loved to track. “Over his career we had several successful tracks which lead to arrests,” Spano said. “He is a fun loving dog with a strong will to work.”

Officer David Shell said Grim made an impact on his very first shift. 

“He has the most laid back attitude among any work dog I have been around,” Shell said. “I think the best thing about Grim was that he never wanted to disappoint me so he always worked hard when he was asked to. I’m very proud to have had him as a partner and now as a pet.”

The Greeneville Police Department has two other K-9 officers, Ace and Kajo. The department will introduce two new K-9 officers later this year.