GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – Tusculum University is continuing its Dorm Refresh Campaign, raising money to renovate residence halls on campus.

Dr. Stan Welty, a Tusculum University alumnus, donated over $1 million to the university before he passed away in 2007.

“When his wife heard about our Dorm Refresh Campaign, she said that he whispered in her ear that he would want to support this,” said Dr. Scott Hummel, President of Tusculum University. “That he would want to help make this dorm refreshed and even better than it was.”

Janet Welty, the widow of Dr. Welty, donated $25,000 to provide new furniture and flooring to the Welty-Craig dorm hall lobby.

“Right now, we have piping exposed. We’re actually going to be covering up the piping in here so that it will look a lot better,” said Hummel. “The furniture, the TV may or may not need to be replaced, so that will be part of the refresh.”

Hughston Burnheimer, a senior at Tusculum University, said having a renovated space in the dorm rooms gives students a more focused place to learn. He also hopes that after the renovations, the dorm will still feel like the original.

“A livelier space, something that mixes with the historical nature of this dorm but with a more comfortable and modern experience without compromising either,” said Burnheimer.

The university will name the dorm lobby the Stanley R. Welty Jr. Lobby once renovations are complete. Burnheimer told News Channel 11 that an upgrade to the dorms is needed.

“A lot of these dorms are older because we are a very historic college,” said Burnheimer. “Some of the furniture and all of that has gotten older because most of the renovations recently have been on the academic buildings, so the dorms kind of fell behind a little bit.”

Hummel said the university plans to start renovating the lobby in Welty-Craig this fall, and the administration plans to have it done by the end of the semester.