GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) — Tusculum University and Food City signed a sponsorship agreement that will provide educational opportunities at a discounted price to Food City employees and their families.

“Not only do we want to make sure that they have the tools for success that they need right now in their jobs, but also to support them in whatever those endeavors look like in the future,” said Elizabeth Yanez, corporate recruiter at Food City.

The agreement gives employees a chance to pursue any kind of education at Tusculum University whether they are full-time or part-time students.

“We’re able to give those associates who are interested in either a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, just continuing education,” said Yanez. “We’re able to help them out a little bit when it comes to easing the burden of those tuition costs.”

Yanez told News Channel 11 that people can not afford to go to school especially if they work full time.

“It’s hard to have a family and do all of the other things that they would like to do in life,” said Yanez. “Maybe further their career or to get that education.”

Dr. Scott Hummel, president of Tusculum University, said that while they are helping employees get an education, Food City is helping students get hands-on job experience.

“It can give them opportunities for internships and job shadowing,” said Hummel. “We talk about professional development and micro credentialing and degrees for their employees that allow them to be better equipped to move up in their company.”

Both Hummel and Yanez said they have already seen a large number of people ready to take advantage of the sponsorship agreement.

“Just the conversations within the last seven days that have taken place just since releasing this information,” said Yanez. “I’ve had so many emails.”

Food City employees interested in taking advantage of the discount tuition can contact their store manager and enroll in classes at Tusculum University.