JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Crowds of trick-or-treaters filled the Tree Streets neighborhood of Johnson City on Halloween night.

Many downtown Johnson City businesses handed out candy to trick-or-treaters as well. Including, Piere’s Marketplace, downtown Johnson City’s newest grocery store which opened up last week. They handed out organic candies that were allergen-free.

“We wanted to be a part of it because we’ve only been open since Wednesday,” Piere Herrmann, owner of Piere’s Marketplace said. “So it’s just great, a great time to get people to kind of see who Piere’s Marketplace is and what we offer.”

Nearby neighbors in the Tree Streets were already anticipating big crowds. Like Tony and Susan Norman who have been at their house for about a month and heard about the large turnout.

“So we try to be prepared, we wanted to make sure that we looked festive, but also made sure we bought enough candy so that we didn’t have to shut the door after about 15 or 20 minutes,” Tony Norman said.

“Which that’s what a neighbor said,” added Susan Norman. “She said last year it was about 300 kids and they had to go shut down, go to Walgreens and buy some more candy and then come back.”

As the night went on, trick-or-treaters of all ages filled the Tree Streets.

Trick-or-treaters on the Tree Street get ready to find candy (photo: WJHL)

“We’re really excited to see lots of people come around,” said Donna Pearce, trick-or-treater on the Tree Streets. “We got lots of candy stocked up and some of them are going trick or treating. Some of us are distributing candy but we’re looking forward to seeing lots of kids and parents and families out tonight.”

Some trick-or-treaters had a strategic way of finding the best candy spots.

“My entire family go around driving and count all the houses that are decorated, so we know where to hit, which is the best place because the best place is the most decorated house,” said Santiago Maldonado, about trick-or-treating on the Tree Streets.

Savannah Huffard and her son Beaux Gilliam while trick-or-treating on the Tree Streets (photo: WJHL)

Many trick-or-treaters make sure to fill up their bags of candy on the Tree Streets every single year.

“I feel like the Tree Streets just kind of go all out,” Savannah Huffard said. “They decorate. The candy is fantastic. There’s a big crowd. They do it every year, so it’s a fun time. A lot of community, and I feel like it’s a safe area to trick or treat. So, we do it every year.”

Mya Margotta trick-or-treated on the Tree Streets and celebrated her 15th birthday (photo: WJHL)

For some, Halloween is extra special. Mya Margotta’s birthday is on Halloween and she was out celebrating and trick-or-treating on the Tree Streets.

“I turned 15 today,” Margotta said. “I like trick or treating too though, but the presents I would say is my favorite part. But for Halloween, in general, the trick-or-treating, eating all the candy.”