JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – A Johnson City girl is making appearances on TikTok after her traveling basketball team joined a boys’ tournament and ended up fighting their way up the bracket.

In the video, players from Louisville, Kentucky’s Foe Nation are seen playing in a 4th-grade tournament in Lexington against a team of boys, and they end up racking up a significant lead by the end of the game.

“I think it was really cool because I had no idea what she was videoin,g and when I heard that it went viral, I looked it up on TikTok,” said player Rooty Ahrens, who can be seen sinking a shot around the 32-second mark. “Yesterday it had like 32,000 likes, and then now it has like 119,000 today and it was just crazy.”

The Foe Nation girls are based in Louisville, Kentucky and have a court record of facing off against some of the top youth teams in the nation. They won 3rd Grade US Amateur Nationals in 2021 and placed 2nd in the Amateur Athletic Union Nationals.

While the original TikTok focuses on the girls being underestimated, her father Jason Ahrens said co-ed competition isn’t as rare back home.

“Here in the Tri-Cities, it’s normal for girls to play with the boys,” Jason said. “And really if you go to local tournaments here there’s been a lot of successful girl teams. The Trotter Girls have won the 5th-grade division, and we’ve had a number of 6th grade – Nothing But Net Girls and the Tri-Cities Jazz about a month ago, they were two girl teams that met in the finals of the 6th-grade boys division. So around here, it’s not unusual.”

In fact, Jason said the team chose that conference specifically because they allowed more open competition. Foe Nation had to choose to play in either the boys or girls tournament this year due to scheduling issues, and they picked the boys bracket.

“I think the significance for it, as far as why it went viral, is because I think it was a clever video, and it really emphasized the fact that the girls’ team beat the boys’ team,” Ahren said. “That was the first game of the tournament, and we ended up losing our second game by 19 points to a boys’ team.”

But when they went back the next day, they faced the same team to a different result. Rather than taking the loss, they took the initiative back in a higher bracket with a 6-point win.

“We worked out the day after, and they were like ‘Yeah it went viral’ and they were all excited and stuff,” Rooty said.

Their performance in the tournament grabbed national attention after player parent Shelby Packer posted the video, and now the team is slated to make a Good Morning America appearance on Monday. The travel part of the team makes it difficult since the Rooty will have to call in, but she said she’s not nervous about her debut on TV.

Rooty also said she didn’t notice any bad blood between the teams, and is just looking forward to playing with BigShots and other local teams for years to come.