BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) — Lawmakers in Virginia approved several new cannabis regulations, including a ban on synthetic cannabis products like Delta 8.

A Tri-Cities business said the State General Assembly’s decision was a smart move for public safety.

Delta 8 is a compound found in a cannabis plant that can have a similar effect to marijuana; however, it’s most commonly produced in a lab rather than derived from a cannabis plant.

The team behind Canna Boyz Social Club in Bristol, Virginia told News Channel 11 they don’t sell Delta 8 themselves, even calling it a dangerous substance.

“It was more of a get-rich-quick scheme for everyone,” said owner Chance Crusenberry. “But they’re finding more and more research that just Delta, on its own too much. Delta 8 is not good for the human brain.”

Crusenberry also said he hopes that the move to ban Delta 8 might also be a step toward later legalization. He said other states have taken the first step of banning Delta 8 before re-legalizing it and regulating it along with cannabis.

“It’s unregulated right now, all hemp is unregulated,” said Crusenberry. “But then it will be under the recreational bill, so they can actually regulate and test all of those products.”

That doesn’t mean Crusenberry thinks the state will create a legal marijuana market anytime soon.

“It could be 2026 before we see anything,” said Crusenberry.

In February, the Virginia legislative session wrapped up without moving toward creating a legal marijuana market.

Another new regulation prevents hemp stores from selling anything that has more than 0.3% of THC.