Three years later, TVA to begin critical phase in Boone Dam repair


Three years ago to the month after TVA announced it would need years and hundreds of millions of dollars to fix Boone Dam, News Channel 11 has learned the agency is about to launch a new phase of critical repairs at the dam.

And we’ve learned TVA is on the verge of making headlines with the announcement of some key information later this fall.

Here’s what we’ve learned after extensive questioning of the person who TVA placed in charge of the Boone Dam repair project.

TVA says repairs are on schedule, and it’s sticking with the completion date of July 2022.

TVA plans to start constructing what it calls a 230-foot deep cutoff wall at the dam this fall, the final phase of the repair project.

WATCH:  The problems at Boone Dam explained with a 3D model

TVA now estimates fixing Boone Dam will cost $450 million.

TVA says it has conducted extensive testing on repair efforts already complete, and in the words of the project manager, TVA has a “high level of confidence” that what has been done already has reduced the flow of water under the dam.

And TVA says this fall, it will release to the public the name of the contractor who will build the concrete cut-off wall at the dam, the schedule for completion of repairs, the plan to re-fill Boone Lake, and what TVA calls a “supplemental vegetation plan” to deal with vegetation growing on the exposed lake bed.

The Boone Dam repair project has had a significant impact on businesses.  Davis Marina is one of seven marinas on Boone Lake.  Owner Johnny Morris told News Channel 11 what the lake drawdown has meant for his business.

The Boone Lake Association and the Boone Dam Repair Coalition are mobilizing volunteers in hopes to engaging with TVA during the repair process.

Many Boone Lake waterfront homes aren’t necessarily “waterfront” anymore, and that’s having an impact on prices.  But a top realtor said the “gloom and doom” predicted three years ago for real estate on the lake hasn’t panned out.

WATCH the report on Boone Lake properties:

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