GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – In the past 90 days, 60 new businesses have come to Greeneville, according to Greene County Partnership President and CEO Jeff Taylor.

Taylor said that is an accelerated pace for post-pandemic life, but he believes the past two years and the ability to work remotely has drawn people to this area.

“Despite the horrible issues related to COVID, During this great migration, many folks have discovered this more laid back smaller town life,” said Taylor.

Despite the spread of the virus and forced shutdowns, there has been growth throughout the county, especially in Greeneville.

While there is clearly a slew of businesses starting up, all varying in service, one new venue is offering a little bit of everything.

‘The Greene’ will be opening on June 2 at 901 Tusculum Boulevard.

The old bank, sandwiched between two still in operation, won’t be distributing cash, but rather offering a new kind of dining experience.

The owner, Megan Stollenmaier, alongside operator Kourt Boring, said it just started as a place to rest their food truck on the off days. Boring operates the popular ‘Project Waffle’ truck which can be seen daily throughout the region.

However, the space became much more than just a stopping ground. Last Summer, a small vision turned into a grander plan.

“We were thinking at first we would do coffee out of the drive-thru and then we said we’d add a little bit of seating out here with the food trucks. Then it was maybe we can add a little beer along the side too and then maybe we can add a little stage at the end too and make it more of a venue,” said Boring.

He wants it to be a one-stop shop for a new generation, welcoming all walks of life and emphasizing the return of a family-friendly venue.

“With the food truck already, it was just a great pairing to be able to have some sort of outdoor space, it kind of just made sense. With people’s mindsets now looking at getting away from eating indoors, it kind of softened them to the idea of having a year-round spot like that,” he said.

It won’t just be a new endeavor for them, but they hope to make ‘The Greene’ a community effort in a sense, offering up local brews of both coffee and beer, products from here in the region, and showcasing local talent.

“Many of the products that we have, hopefully, we can support local businesses and partner up with them to support the community,” said Stollenmaier.

As far as the future of the beloved waffle truck, this new space won’t change that. Boring said while there will be some designated days the truck is in service at The Greene, he will continue serving communities all over the region.

He said through the relationships they’ve made with the taprooms and locations they already serve, he hopes to make those same bonds at the new business.

Stollenmaier and Boring told News Channel 11 that the possibilities for this space are endless, mentioning the potential for hosting groups, yoga and gardening classes and much more.

With a little under a week to go until the grand opening, the two are in the midst of finishing the final touches and training staff.

While the opening is set for June 2, not everything will be in place for the launch. Boring said he is still working on permits and paperwork in order to open the taproom and alcohol sales.