KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) — A herd of nearly 100 goats will return to Cement Hill on Sept. 10 to embark on a mission first launched in 2021 — clear the area of as much vegetation as possible.

Enviro-Goat LLC will provide the goats’ service to Kingsport at no charge to the city, according to a release from area leaders on Tuesday.

The goats gnaw away at the invasive plant kudzu to strip the property of the plant ahead of future development — including a park with walking trails and overlooks. The goats’ effort acts as an environmentally friendly approach as opposed to chemicals or risking city employees’ safety due to the slopes and inability to use mechanical methods to clear the land.

An electric fence will surround the herd and follow as the dozens of goats advance to more kudzu, leaving behind areas void of the invasive vines.

Enviro-Goat and city staff will make regular stops to ensure the goats are safe, and officials ask passersby to admire the herd from afar, as they have quite the workload to complete.

“We would like to thank Enviro-Goat and its owner Andy Armstrong for this generous donation,” said John Rose, economic development director for the City of Kingsport in a news release. “The goats have done a great job so far and there’s no doubt they’ll finish the work in fine fashion.”

The City of Kingsport will unleash the herd on Saturday morning and stream the event live on its Facebook page.