Testing process for removing excess vegetation around Boone Lake

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Workers are getting a first hand look at how the process of clearing around Boone Lake this winter might go.

TVA is taking the first preliminary step in dealing with the excess vegetation that is growing along the shores of Boone Lake since the lake levels have been brought down to make repairs to Boone Dam. Machines are being used around one of the TVA boat ramps closed due to the low lake levels to gauge how to best go about removing this vegetation.

“What we’re doing here is testing the equipment and seeing what we’ll be getting into as we are actually cutting and doing the supplemental vegetation management,”, TVA Spokesperson Mary Ellen Miller said.

TVA has around 700 acres that they will have to mulch when the program gets into full swing this winter. Crews will be working 40 hours per week until all of the area has been cleared of vegetation.

“We’ve got to make sure that we maintain erosion control and sediment control as we start this process and, at the same time, work with the home owners to get the best process moving forward,”, TVA Boone Dam Construction Manager Kevin Holbrook said.

“Once this gets into action, we’ll be working on some of the areas that will most impact navigation on Boone Lake. And we did that in conjunction with the homeowners and working and listening to them and trying to come up with a balance here because, certainly, you don’t want to cut too much because we don’t want to impact fish or soil erosion on the lake,”, Miller added, “But yet, at the same time, we understand that people had some concerns about navigation and we wanted to make sure that we could do some supplemental vegetation in that area. We also encourage homeowners to do their own vegetation management on their own private properties.”

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