GREENEVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL)- A non-profit organization named Rural Resources is holding a Farm and Food Teen Training Program, that is teaching teens how to care for livestock, cook homemade food and work in the garden.

Parke Brumit, the Special Events Coordinator and Fundraiser for Rural Resources said it’s more than just teaching kids how to work on a farm.

“We are teaching them healthier habits, healthier eating habits, lifestyle habits, where their food comes from, that everything doesn’t have to come from the grocery store,” said Parke. “They can stretch their money longer as they get older and be better stewards of the earth.”

The program offers different classes the teens can take. They chose between cooking, gardening and taking care of a rabbit tree. Cobin Crumbley is one of the teens that attended to learn new skills.

“Like for the rabbit tree, we raise rabbits, we feed them water them, put new hay in the stalls for them,” said Crumbley. “We have three bunny rabbits right now that have babies in them.”

The teens care for the livestock on the farm which consists of goats, chickens, cows and horses. Attendees clean up after the animals and provide them with food and water.

Rural Resources is a non-profit organization that receives help from other businesses and organizations to keep its program running.

The Teen Training Program is held every Saturday at the Farm, according to the organization.