TRI-CITIES, Tenn. (WJHL) – Monday marked the third annual Learning Together Day, an event that brings K-12 teachers from all over the region to learn, share ideas and inspire each other.

Eight different school districts came together for a full day of classroom learning. Educators had the opportunity to pick which sessions they would like to participate in to best fit the subjects they teach.

Aimee Robinette, a teacher at Ridgeview Elementary School, said she wanted to learn something new.

“Technology is up and coming in Washington County,” said Robinette. “To learn how other systems are bringing it in, how they’re utilizing specific programs and just ways to bring that into your classroom is what I’ve really taken from today.”

Robinette told News Channel 11 that it’s not just about learning new ways to teach students material, but also finding techniques to work with those students who need extra help.

“It’s been really beneficial, and I think it helps us be able to put that back into our classroom,” said Robinette. “It helps our students become better learners as well.”

Learning Together Day is sponsored by the Niswonger Foundation. Cindy Hayes, Chief Academic Officer for the Washington County School System, said bringing teachers together creates friendships and support systems.

“We learn that we’re better working together as a group because we all have that same goal, which is helping our students be successful in life,” said Hayes. “And that starts in the school.”

There were 9 different event locations across the region for educators to participate in.

“Teachers have one of the toughest jobs ever and they are responsible for students that are our future,” said Hayes. “This just gives them a little bit of a break to sit back, breathe, take care of themselves and also network with others and get ideas that they can take back to their classroom.”

Thousands of teachers participated in the event on Monday.