WASHINGTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) is conducting student interviews at Daniel Boone High School Wednesday after a reported locker room assault involving members of the football team occurred in November.

Washington County Schools Superintendent Jerry Boyd told News Channel 11 that TBI personnel was at the school on Wednesday. According to Boyd, a letter had been sent to the students who were identified for interviews by TBI agents. The parents of those students were also notified, Boyd said.

Boyd confirmed all the students being interviewed are members of the Daniel Boone High School football team.

As of Wednesday morning, Boyd said the TBI and school system was attempting to minimize the amount of time the interviewed students were out of class, but he was not sure if Wednesday would be the only day of interviews.

The investigation remains ongoing, and Boyd told News Channel 11 that Washington County Schools (WCS) will continue to cooperate fully with the TBI and other law enforcement.

The TBI’s involvement in the investigation was first announced on Nov. 16 by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, which was also investigating as of that date.

The assault in question reportedly took place on Nov. 7 in the school’s locker room. School officials said it occurred at a time when the students, all of whom were members of the football team, were unsupervised. A release from WCS stated that an investigation by school officials had found one member of the team had physically assaulted a teammate.

The school system reported two other students had been involved in what was described as “horseplay,” which was specified to not be considered bullying or harassment. However, WCS officials found that horseplay to be inappropriate.

All three students were disciplined in accordance with WCS policy, and the one found to have committed the assault was removed from the team.

In a letter sent to Daniel Boone parents, the school district addressed rumors related to the assault.

“Rumors being spread concerning the use of a broomstick to physically assault any player are FALSE. Allegations that this incident involved a multitude of football players are FALSE.”

Washington County Schools

Washington County Sheriff Keith Sexton previously stated that his office would file charges immediately if evidence of a criminal act was found.