Editor’s note: The drive was originally set to take place on Jan. 20 at multiple locations. However, due to forecasted weather, the drive will now be held on Jan. 24 at one location.

WISE, Va. (WJHL) — Four-year-old Cooper Carlson of Wise County has been battling a rare type of kidney cancer since October. While he continues receiving treatments at St. Jude in Memphis, he calls upon his community to help others.

The Super Cooper blood drive will collect donations in honor of Cooper as he continues to fight a stage IV Wilms tumor, according to a release from Ballad Health. Marsh Regional Blood Center will make a monetary donation to St. Jude for every unit of blood received.

On Jan. 24, a blood drive will be held at the following location:

UVA Wise
1 College Ave.
Wise, Va.
10 a.m.— 5 p.m.
Donors should register in the C. Bascom Slemp Student Center
This drive is open to the community. Call 423-408-7500 to schedule your time to give. Walk-ins are also welcome.

Cooper’s mother, Sarah Carlson, said the drive will serve to help both those in the regional community and children who continue to battle illness at St. Jude.

“Blood is in short supply everywhere right now,” Carlson said. “It means so much to us to be part of something that will not only help the lives of people in our community but will also benefit St. Jude. We feel blessed to be able to aid our community.”

Marsh Regional blood drives keep donations within the Tri-Cities region, and one donation can save up to three lives.

“We support so many patients with our blood supply — many of them children,” said Marsh Regional Director Steffanie Sukel. “We know we have heroes out in our community who are ready to give the gift of life.”

To give blood, donors must be at least 17 years old, weigh at least 110 pounds and be in good health.

Those who have a cold, sore throat, fever, flu, fever blisters or are on antibiotics are not eligible to donate. Donors who have had a recent COVID-19 infection must wait at least 10 days after their symptoms subside.

Masks are required while donating blood.

For more information, call 423-408-7500.