(WJHL) — An official with the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says the lack of tips or leads in the case of missing Hawkins County 5-year-old Summer Wells is “frustrating.”

In a video update posted by the agency on Tuesday, TBI Assistant Special Agent In Charge Shelly Smitherman said when a child goes missing, investigators typically have an idea as to how the child went missing. That is not the case with Wells’ disappearance.

“Typically on an AMBER Alert and the ones that I’ve been involved in since I have been over this program, within a couple of days we have a tip or lead or have an idea if they’ve been abducted, if they maybe left into the woods,” Smither said. “Somebody saw something that leads up hopefully to get an answer to where the child went or if they were taken. We’re going to have some tip or lead. And that is the frustrating part for law enforcement in this case and the public.”

Smitherman said investigators will continue to search for Wells.

Wells was reported missing on June 15 in the Beech Creek area of Hawkins County.

As of July 9, Hawkins County Sheriff Ronnie Lawson said no singular persons of interest have been identified in the case.