This recount is based on what Summer Wells’ mother and grandmother told News Channel 11 in on-camera interviews about the day of June 15.

KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL)- As this week marks 10 months since Summer Wells was reported missing from her Hawkins County home, News Channel 11 is working to find answers.

News Channel 11 has walked through what has happened since Summer Wells disappeared the night of June 15, but where did she go that day?

“Candus and I got up that morning, and she come out and took me to the ER because my leg was messing up on me,” Summer’s grandmother, Candus Harer told Anslee Daniel on March 1, in her only on-camera interview.

The hospital is in Kingsport, about 25 minutes from the Wells’ Beech Creek home.

“She took me into the hospital, and I ended up getting a shot for it to get rid of the pain. And they prescribed me medication,” Harer recalled.

Summer, her mother, and grandmother spent the day in the closest city to their house.

“We waited around for my prescription. Summer went swimming that day at the horse stables, I believe it was,” she said.

Candus Bly, Summer’s mother, recounted a similar day in her first on-camera interview.

“We were waiting on my mother’s prescription from the drugstore at Walgreens on Fort Henry,” Bly said.

The three, and a friend who Candus Bly described as a minor, went swimming at Warrior’s Path State Park. That’s where the last known video of Summer was taken and posted to Tik Tok.

“We had to wait for mom’s prescription at Walgreens. So we just went up to [Warriors Path State Park.] There was all kinds of trash everywhere at Warriors when we showed up. And I let Summer out to play,” Bly said. “And we just stood there for about 15- 20 minutes, and then we all got back in the truck and went got mom’s prescription. And I took him home, and then we came home.”

In Bly’s June 28 interview, she told News Channel 11 that Summer had returned with her to the Beech Creek home after the trip to the park.

The trip from Warrior’s Path State Park back to Ben Hill Road is just over 17 miles. But Bly couldn’t recall how many hours that was before she reported her daughter missing.

“You know, I really can’t tell you all the time details because time gets away from you when you’re trying to enjoy yourself,” Bly said.

The three then returned back to their home.

A neighbor says she heard Candus calling for Summer around 6 p.m. on June 15. Police say she was reported missing about half an hour later around 6:30.

In a June 15 report, Hawkins Co. Sheriff Ronnie Lawson Wells was seen walking away from her home on Ben Hill Road around 7 p.m.

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