KINGSPORT, Tenn. (WJHL) – Police were informed of an incident involving a YouTuber filming a child inside the church that Summer Wells‘ family attends.

According to a report from the Kingsport Police Department, officers were told Sunday that a woman known as Marissa Zdazinsky posted footage of a child at the church to YouTube.

While several parts of the report have been redacted due to information about the minor, the unnamed complainant does state that Zdazinsky was making accusations of kidnapping during the video.

Police report that the video has since been removed.

The police report dates the incident as occurring on Saturday, Jan. 8.

Don Wells, Summer’s father, confirmed to News Channel 11 that the incident had occurred at the Kingsport Seventh-Day Adventist Church but did not provide further comment.

According to the report, the matter was brought to police “in case Marissa continues to harass {redacted} and her family.”

Don Wells told News Channel 11 on Monday about recent experiences with protesters who had come to the family’s home and also followed him and Candus Bly Wells, Summer’s mother, to a work site. In a video taken by Don Wells, the protesters can be seen yelling profanities and making accusations regarding Summer’s disappearance.

Summer Wells was reported missing from her home in the Beech Creek community on June 15, 2021. After more than six months, investigators say they are still looking for the 5-year-old and are considering every possibility.