(WJHL) — An out-of-state search and rescue team that returned to Hawkins County last weekend to search for Summer Wells issued a statement Thursday regarding their search.

Equusearch Midwest, a volunteer-based team of trained searchers, said its reports from last weekend’s search were turned over to Capt. Tim Coup of the Church Hill Rescue Squad for him to pass along to the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday evening and Wednesday. The organization also said it was cleared by the sheriff’s office to conduct the search.

Earlier this week, Coup announced that the sheriff’s office would be taking over as the lead agency for orchestrating any additional searches for the missing 5-year-old.

You can read Equusearch’s full statement below:

In regards to the articles that are being circulated surrounding the Hawkins County, TN search for five-year-old Summer Wells, Cpt. Tim Coup with the Church Hill rescue squad stated that Equusearch Midwest was cleared by Hawkins County sheriffs office to search this past weekend. Dave Rader has been in constant communication with Cpt. Coup regarding all agendas, and Cpt. Coup assures him that his statements were all miscommunication with Media. Equusearch arrived in Hawkins Cty on Thursday evening and spent Friday – Sunday mapping and ground searching, arriving home Monday evening. After a very long and exhaustive weekend, all mapping/communications/field activity reports were turned over to Cpt. Coup, for him to pass along to HCSO on Tuesday evening and Wednesday. Equusearch never had any intentions of “keeping things to ourselves”. Equusearch will only take on a case if there is open communication and cooperation with Law Enforcement and/or any lead organization involved. If any single item of importance were located this past weekend, Cpt. Coup and HCSO would have been the very first to know, immediately. Furthermore, any land or private property that Equusearch encounters, they have always asked landowners for permission to search, first, if a search warrant is not involved. Equusearch is well trained in crime scene preservation and also keeping open lines of communication with lead organizations of a search. Our MANY letters of recommendation can attest to this, along with our reputation of bringing the missing home. Thank you to all who have reached out regarding these falsities, and as always, Lost is Not Alone.

Equusearch Midwest

The latest search conducted by Equusearch Midwest did not produce any leads.

Summer Wells was first reported missing from her home in the Beech Creek community on June 15. A statewide Amber Alert was issued the next day.

Investigators have received over 1,000 tips in the search for Summer and continue to search for the driver of a red or maroon Toyota pickup truck that could be “a potential witness” in the case.