HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – On the day marking one year since Summer Wells went missing from her Beech Creek home, Donald Wells issued a statement on the ordeal through the family’s website and YouTube channel.

Don Wells, who is serving time in jail for violating his probation, wrote the letter during his sentence. The family’s website states he has been spending his days at the jail reading the Bible and letters.

According to the website, the YouTube video containing Don’s statement also features the last photo taken of Don and Summer together.

In the video, a song plays, which the website states is an original song by Robin Lane. Afterward, Don’s letter, entitled ‘A Letter and Prayer for Summer’ can be seen.

“Since you’ve been gone I’ve been completely [devastated]!” the letter reads. “I looked everywhere for you my beautiful girl!”

Don Wells went on to write that he thought YouTube would be of assistance in helping locate his daughter, but while it could still be useful, he wrote that it has resulted in turmoil for the Wells family.

“I’m sorry my [beautiful] girl that I completely lost my mind!” Wells wrote. “With so many thoughts of people harming you and I know you want to come home, and there’s nothing I can do; I’m powerless!”

Wells wrote that he hopes to one day have Summer and his sons, who were taken into the custody of the Department of Children’s Services, back and to “be a family again!”

His letter concludes with the Lord’s Prayer and his signature.

Summer Wells was first reported missing from her home on Ben Hill Road on June 15, 2021. An AMBER Alert was issued the next day, and searches spanning miles, days and comprised of hundreds of searchers were conducted.