SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) — Court documents are revealing what a Sullivan County teacher allegedly told investigators when he said he was stabbed on Monday, Dec. 5.

Harold Dalton appeared in court Thursday. Dalton has been a band teacher at Sullivan Heights Middle school for 25 years. He bonded out of jail Wednesday night.

Dalton was arrested for false statements two days after the incident, which sent Sullivan Heights Middle School into a “hold” that kept students in their classrooms for hours.

An affidavit said Dalton told the responding detective that he saw two male students acting suspiciously in the hallway. It went on to say that Dalton walked up to the students and then claimed one of the boys stabbed him.

Documents state Dalton could not identify the students or which way they went but said one of the students had “brownish-colored hair” and donned a red flannel shirt.

After reviewing surveillance video and speaking with over a hundred staff members and students, investigators determined no one else was involved in the incident and the report was false.

The nature and cause of Dalton’s reported injuries remain unclear.

A Sullivan Heights Middle School parent said she’s upset about how the situation was handled.

“I don’t feel any better knowing that it’s a false report, because of how we were notified to begin with,” said Ashleigh Stone. “Being told that it was a staff medical emergency and then to come to find out the following morning we weren’t notified that there was a potential threat until after school had started.”

Stone said she’s still concerned that parents weren’t told about the hold for several hours or that the incident was an alleged stabbing until the following day.

“It makes me feel as though they wanted to get attendance,” said Stone. “Had they released it prior to that, more kids would have been absent because it’s my understanding that a lot of children did not attend school. Parents were pulling them out of the school.”

On Wednesday, Sheriff Jeff Cassidy released a statement that read in part, “As most of you know, if I felt that anyone was in danger or that there was a risk to the public, I would be the first to release that information.”

Stone said she wishes the sheriff’s office or school board had made that statement sooner.

“I would have felt better if they had said that they didn’t believe there was a threat,” said Stone. “It doesn’t give me trust in the school board that we’re going to if there’s something like this that happens moving forward, that we are going to have correct information or honest information.”

Stone said she plans on attending the Jan. 10 Sullivan County School Board meeting and encourages other parents to do the same.

New Channel 11 has requested Dalton’s personnel file from Sullivan County Schools.

Dalton is scheduled to appear in court again on March 7.