Many schools offer incentives for perfect attendance, but one southwest Virginia school is upping the ante.

Gate City High School already offers Food City gift cards, tickets to prom and some sporting events and even some scholarships, but they unveiled a new partnership today with Fairway Ford that can help one student drive into their future.

“Over the summer, our staff got together and really worked on meaningful incentives for the students to try to keep them in school,”, English Teacher and Attendance Committee Member Melissa Seaver said, “But today we met with our students because we had a grand prize that we hadn’t told them about and over the summer we formed a unique partnership with Fairway Ford and they are going to be giving away a 2014 Ford Focus SE. Fully loaded, leather seats, sunroof and our students are really excited.”

With the students gathered in the football stadium, the bright red Focus was driven right out on the field for the kids to see. The students broke out in applause when the announcement was made.

Seaver added, “They were excited, especially prom tickets, they are a little expensive. And, of course, every kid wants cash in their pockets, so they had some excitement. And the scholarships are a big deal, especially to seniors, but when we announced the car today, I had a kid yell down from the stadium “I’m gonna get perfect attendance.”

Students will have five opportunities to get their name in the hat for the car. One student per quarter with perfect attendance will be drawn per quarter. One more entrant will be chosen from those with perfect attendance for the year with less than five tardies and five early dismissals. The drawing will be held on the last day of the school year. According to many employers, students who strive for perfect attendance usually make good employees.

“I feel like when students go out into the work force, that’s one of the biggest issues that employers have is people not being on time, or not showing up for work.  And so we are trying to instill good work ethics, good attendance policies at a young age,”, Seaver said.