Students launch rockets at Milligan camp


MILLIGAN COLLEGE, Tenn. (WJHL) – High school age students attending Milligan’s Engineering Camp this week spent Thursday morning building rockets out of plastic 2-liter soda bottles. The rockets teach the students aerodynamics and about energy related to space travel.

“We built them this morning, the good thing about water rockets is you can get up and running really quick, which is a lot of fun,” Director of Engineering Programs Greg Harrell said. “A lot of excitement for the students because they get some immediate or almost instant gratification. But, also, they get to see that their hastily put together rockets need some adjustment, they need to get some design information.”

The students’ first decision they had to make was how much water to put into the bottle to make it go high and to make it fly as long as possible. After their first launch, they made adjustments to the rocket and the amount of water put into it to try to make it fly better.

Harrell added, “The concepts that we are talking about today, around these real simple water rockets, are the exact same concepts and ideas that we flesh out in classes like fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, these aerodynamic issues are heavy duty, core items, especially in mechanical engineering.”

The camp was designed for high school students who are interested in engineering. It is an introductory camp designed around engineering aspects and learning more about science.

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