CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Milligan University honored two students Thursday with an award named for an unsung hero of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Madeline Manear, a Milligan student, and Loren Hensley, a student at Sullivan East High School, were presented with the Todd Beamer Student Leaders in Christian Service Award.

Todd Beamer was a passenger on the hijacked United 93 flight on the day of the attacks. Beamer told other passengers “Let’s roll” as he and others tried to take back control of the plane.

Manear spoke with News Channel 11 and said her time at the university has contributed to her development in leadership.

“Milligan has trained me every moment that I’ve been here to be a better leader,” Manear said. “They’ve given me countless opportunities to learn and grow with my peers and I’m so, so grateful for every moment that I’ve spent here.”

Other honorees at the ceremony included local healthcare workers and retired community leaders and educators.

Todd Beamer’s father, David Beamer, was the speaker at the ceremony. The Beamer family often attended a family ministry camp held on Milligan’s campus.