Students build locker room for Elizabethton High School soccer teams


The boys and girls soccer teams at Elizabethton High School had something extra to cheer about today.

The ribbon was cut on a brand new, much-needed locker room for the teams.

Before this, the teams were forced to change on the field and even stand out in the rain before and after their games. But thanks to the efforts of some students from a Community Improvement Class project, that has now changed.

“The soccer team has never had a locker room, they’ve always just been outside, changing on the field.  We saw a building that wasn’t really being used and we just decided that that would be a great place to put a locker room out there,” EHS student Evan Carter said.

Evan Carter, Kaylen Shell, Nico Ashley, Jaxton Holly, and Maggie Johnson are the students responsible for the project. After several months of planning, fundraising, and working in the building, they cut the ribbon and opened the new facility. But this was not a simple task.

 “We actually had to go in there and tear everything out. It was nasty in there. It didn’t look like anybody had been in there in 20 years,” Carter added. “We completely remodeled it, re-did the bathrooms inside and it looks great in there now.”

The locker room features 26 lockers, custom seating, a new roof, cleat-proof flooring, heating and cooling, whiteboard, and remodeled bathrooms. As an added bonus, it has a space to relax with a couch, PlayStation, and television. 

Students said completing a project on this scale was a great learning experience. When they began, they had a goal in mind and not much-related experience to fall back on. Once they received approval from school leadership and secured sponsors, their dream began to materialize.

The project required professional communication, meetings, designs, manual labor, community support, and a vision for improving the school. With this project now complete, they already have their eyes on another project.

“We’re actually planning on doing a basketball locker room now.  Remodeling the girls basketball locker room because they are sharing one with volleyball right now and we’re looking forward to getting started,” Carter said.

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