CARTER COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Crooked yellow lines painted onto Lovers Lane in Carter County were the result of a “freak accident,” the company’s owner said Wednesday.

A photo of the winding yellow lines on a straight stretch of road on Lovers Lane made rounds on Facebook, prompting social media users to ask, “What happened here?”

Carter County Highway Superintendent Roger Colbaugh said the county contracted the job out to Stellar Striping, a company based in Johnson City.

He added most of the paint job on the road was straight with the exception of about 400 feet of road, where the yellow lines twist and turn.

“The contractor is going to correct the mistake at no charge to the county,” Colbaugh said. “Stuff happens like that every now and again.”

Garret Hyder, the owner of the contracted company, told News Channel 11 that the machine used to paint the lines malfunctioned, causing the crooked paint job.

He said one of the two hydraulic motors that turn the rear wheels stopped working and caused the machine to “pull back and forth.”

“Our paint machine is at the Graco Facility in Knoxville getting fixed at this moment,” he said. “It’s a diligent issue and we are working on fixing the road in a timely manner.”