BRISTOL, Tenn./Va. (WJHL) – Artists from across the country are set to turn the birthplace of country music into an ink capital of the United States in this weekend’s State St. Tattoo Fest.

Event organizers said tattoo artists of every style can be found across the 3-day event. You can find a lineup of artist pictures at the event’s website.

“We’re bringing in about 80 tattooers from all over the country,” organizer Justin Brown said. “It’s basically just a giant tattoo shop.”

Tickets are available at the event for $15 and the purchase of a ticket gives attendees all-day access.

“These are people that come in once a year,” Brown said. “They’re able to get something from someone that they’ve maybe followed for a couple of years, or discover someone there that does something they really like or want to get.”

Styles can vary from vendor to vendor, but Brown said he’s sure there will be something for everyone.

“It’s definitely all over the place,” Brown said. “Which is great. It’s fun. A varied, diverse crowd all in one location but also kind of the same mindset.”

For those that may not want to take away a permanent souvenir, Brown said other art will be on sale by artists at the event.