BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) – Travel crews are hard at work clearing roads after the first big snow of the season in Southwest Virginia.

Michelle Earl, a spokesperson out of Bristol for the Virginia Department of Transportation, said there haven’t been many reported crashes in the area.

Earl said the most significant accumulations occurred north of Marion into Wythe county.

“This one wasn’t too too bad for the first one of the season, you know we’ll just have to see what the rest of the season holds,” Earl said. “We still have a few, two months, maybe a little longer, to contend with.”

Earl said that there will be refreezing overnight and commuters should exercise caution.

“It could get an opportunity to refreeze especially where there’s those areas where water crosses the highway,” Earl said.

That could create some dicey conditions overnight and into the morning commute.

“Roads are looking really a lot better than they were early this morning,” Earl said. “Our crews have had a chance to get out there and take care of the interstate primary highways for sure. We still may have some secondary highways they still need to get to and that’ll just take some time.”