MARION, Va. (WJHL) – Town officials and transportation crews in Southwest Virginia said that they are prepared no matter what the weather brings this weekend.

“We hope of all hopes that we don’t get a foot of snow,” Town of Marion spokesperson Ken Heath said. “If we do, we’ll be ready to move the snow to get people moving as quickly as possible.”

Heath said he anticipates using more than 64 tons of salt, but the heavier the snowfall, the less they’ll use because they’ll be plowing more. 

“The Town of Marion is about 4.5 square miles, but if you look linear we have about between 90 and 100 miles of roads we’ve got to clear so that makes it a little difficult,” Heath said. “The primary emphasis is on Highway 11 and Highway 16, the main corridor because they’re the most heavily trafficked.”

With a fleet of six trucks, Heath said the town’s crews will hit the roads as soon as the snow starts and sharing the roads with them will be Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) trucks.

“We have started pretreating the roads, we started a bit yesterday and will continue into today,” VDOT spokesperson Michelle Earl said. “Some areas maybe into the morning.”

Earl said the department has almost 700 pieces of equipment to utilize.

“Every storm is a little bit different, and we’ll just continue to monitor the forecast and respond accordingly,” Earl said. “The snow totals for this one are a bit different because they are significant in some areas, so we’ll be doing things like staging more equipment so that if we need to move things off the roadways, specifically the interstate, we’ll be able to do that quicker.”

Heath said the best thing you can do to help crews work efficiently during the storm is stay home.

“We work with VDOT and get our salt,” Heath said. “We’ve got plenty of salt, plenty of supplies, and everything’s loaded and ready to go. So we won’t run out of salt, won’t run out of snow plows, won’t run out of fuel. We’ll be here until the job’s done.”