BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) – It will soon cost more for solid waste pickup in Bristol, Virginia.

The Bristol Virginia City Council approved its 2023-2024 budget at its meeting Tuesday night.

The budget will nearly double the city’s solid waste fee from $33 to $60. This increase, and all other items in the budget, will take effect beginning on July 1.

Bristol City Councilman Anthony Farnum said that the increase is to help pay to fill the city landfill.

“That work is ongoing now, and I’m happy that it’s being done,” Farnum said. “We have to pay to fix it and close it properly”

Farnum said that estimates show it’s going to take roughly $50 million in order to properly fill the landfill. He said that it’s a tough situation, but there is still plenty for residents to be positive about. Farnum said that the economic success of the casino and the Amazon facility are reasons for residents to be optimistic about the future.

“My hope is that this is temporary and we get through these landfill expenses over the next year or two,” Farnum said. “Then we’ll be in a position where we’ll have new revenues coming in.”

However, some concerns still remain about the fee increase. Bristol resident Judy Farmer said that the higher cost could turn potential residents away.

“It could deter people from wanting to move here,” Farmer said. “It could be a factor, you never know.”

Farnum said that city leaders could lower the trash service fee sometime in the future.

“My hope is that the city council as a whole can reassess as we go, and hopefully be able to lower these taxes and fees again,” Farmer said.