UNICOI COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) — Snowfall hit the Tri-Cities Friday, with higher altitudes seeing more accumulation.

Unicoi Emergency Management Agency Directory Jimmy Erwin told News Channel 11 that residents should still take caution when traveling, even if their area didn’t see snow accumulations.

“The ground and the road is gonna start freezing pretty quick once it turns dark,” Erwin said. “So traveling after dark, you will have black ice where the snow was melted.”

Erwin said snow melted by salt will likely freeze overnight, creating hazardous road conditions into Saturday morning.

“I’d say by noon tomorrow the roads will be back in good shape as the temperature rises,” Erwin said.

Some residents weren’t too worried about the weather, braving the snow to cross over Sam’s Gap on Interstate 26.

Sheila Morefield, Kim Thompson and Stacey Bourner were headed for Myrtle Beach on Friday afternoon.

“We’re getting out of the storm,” Thompson said of the snow. “It’s beautiful. It’s absolutely beautiful. Hopefully when we get back we’ll have a lot of snow ready and waiting for us.”

Emergency officials urge residents to stay in if they can. But if you do find yourself stuck on the road, you can always call for help.

“Realize that the roads are in bad shape, that’s probably why your calling, it might take just a little bit of extra time for first responders to get there,” Erwin said.