ELIZABETHTON, Tenn. (WJHL) – Carter County Sheriff Mike Fraley told News Channel 11 on Thursday that schools in the area are back to 100% coverage by School Resource Officers (SROs) after extensive staffing challenges.

“We’re almost fully staffed, the jail is fully staffed,” Fraley said in a press conference Thursday morning. “School Resource Officers are at 100%, we have three in police academy right now and five scheduled to go.”

The Carter County Sheriff’s Office has previously faced staffing challenges due to a combination of factors. In fall 2022, Fraley said the number of SROs available to schools had dropped to four across the entire county.

“I am blessed to work with probably some of the best people I’ve ever been associated with and nothing phases them,” Fraley said. “I’ll give them a task, and they do it well.”