JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – Republican lawmakers in Tennessee, including state senator Jon Lundberg (R-04), pushed back against Governor Bill Lee’s called special session to discuss gun violence this week.

Lee has discussed new laws to give law enforcement a legal pathway to remove guns from people who pose a threat to themselves or others, but said change needs to start in the legislature.

“I’ll be meeting with the General Assembly members, most importantly, just saying, let’s have a strong conversation,” said Lee. “Let’s put ideas on the table, and I think the General Assembly’s willing, ready, and wants to do that to bring ideas forward on how to better protect our citizens.”

But other lawmakers within Lee’s party felt that the call for a special session is not needed. Tennessee State Senator Jon Lundberg said he has yet to see any proposals in writing about the meeting and what to anticipate.

“Is there a need to go back into session? I don’t know how great that need is right now,” Lundberg said. “I think we’ve got to do some education, not only among legislators but among the public because folks are emailing and saying ‘You need to do this’ but it’s already law.”

Lundberg said he believes language currently in the U.S. Constitution already addresses issues that potential laws would.

“It’s tough to say, let’s go enact this law,” said Lundberg. “I think we already have legislation to effect that.”

Lee stated that he wants to protect second amendment rights but also protect the people.

“The importance of protecting the rights of Tennesseans, the Second Amendment rights that exist in the Constitution and at the same time bringing forth real solutions to providing safety for Tennesseans,” Lee said. “I think we can do both of those things.”

Lee said they can do things by working together as a team.

“Everyone wants their constitutional rights to be protected,” Lee said. “I certainly respect the thoughts and opinions of every lawmaker and have a great relationship with with them and will continue to work together with them.”

At this point, the special session is set for August 21 in Nashville.